How to play Age Of Empires 2 HD on lan , ethernet or in your local network.

Good afternoon , regarding this video we found on youtube :

Today i will show teach you how you can play Age of Empires 2 HD offline with your friends , in hamachi or in your local network using lan.

As descibed on the video above first you have to download the game optimisen zip you can find on one of the links bellow :
(You can try many of them , one works for sure)

As soon as you download the rar , you must unrar or unzip it on a folder of your choise.
Then you have to open SmartSteamEmu.ini and go to PersonaName and Change this to your name.

Now you are almost ready , all you have to do is to run SmartSteamLoader.exe and your game will begin.
Through multiplayer you can create or join games in your local lan network. Please do not forget to whitelist the game in your firewall , so it will be searchable in your lan area.
Thank you for reading.

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