Causes and Effects of Heart Attack

A attack may be a global problem and occurs when the guts stops pumping blood thanks to blockage of blood flow. A attack may be a fatal disease and has caused many death worldwide. consistent with a report by American health experts, about 1 million people in America have heart attacks annually . Although the death ratio of attack has been reduced thanks to the newest treatments but still, it’s a threat.
Causes of attack

Heart attack has numerous reasons, the main ones are explained below.

1. Coronary heart condition

Majority of the guts attacks are thanks to coronary heart condition . it’s a condition during which deposits of cholesterol blocks the arteries carrying blood to the guts , called coronary arteries. These cholesterol deposits are called plaques.

2. Drug Misuse

Many people round the world are junkie , but they’re unaware of its consequences. Drug misuse has severe effects on your circulatory system and may be a significant explanation for attack . Various excitants like amphetamines and cocaine cause blockage in coronary arteries, resulting in a attack .

3. Reduced Amount of Oxygen in Blood

The function of the guts is to pump blood to the entire body and for this, it needs ample amount of oxygen. When the oxygen level within the blood reduces, myocardial infarct is that the outcome. Blood oxygen level decreases thanks to CO2 poisoning or dysfunction of lungs.

Effects of attack

Myocardial infarction may be a fatal disease and possesses various long-term and short-term effects. Here, we’ll discuss the foremost severe consequences of a attack .

1. Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia may be a condition during which your heart beats abnormally. The heartbeat could also be too quick or too slow, causing severe damage to the guts muscles. These muscles interact with the electrical signals that control the heartbeat. Symptoms of arrhythmia include palpitations, dizziness, and severe pain .

2. Rupturing of Heart

This is an intense and important effect of a attack . It causes the guts muscles and walls to rupture. the guts is broken significantly and heart surgery is performed to treat the condition. Most of the victims of heart rupture die within 5 days of the rupturing.

3. shock

Cardiogenic shock is that the more severe sort of coronary failure and occurs when the guts tissues are extensively damaged. As a result, the guts doesn’t pump enough blood to the body. Symptoms of shock include confusion , rapid heartbeat, pale skin, and cold hands.

What does one got to do after a Heart Attack?

Effective treatment is required after a attack to open the blocked coronary arteries. Different blood tests are performed to live the severity of the guts attack. Electrocardiogram (ECG) can also be performed after consultation with the doctor. If the guts attack has caused severe damage to the guts muscles, heart surgery is performed.


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